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The 2019 London Christian Prayer Breakfast
“An unseen Hope made the Red Sea Road where there is no other way”

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Published June 2019

A Packed Convention Centre Celebration of His Glory in the City of London

Leading up to this London Christian Prayer Breakfast, the organizers, the Christian Churches Network of London (CCNL) asked all Christians and churches in the city to come together in a Day of Prayer.

As part of this appeal, CCNL distributed videos suggesting they be used as a guide for the journey throughout the day. (Click Here to view “Videos of Prayers for London”)

For the past many years, this annual event has been held at the Best Western- Lamp Lighter but the hotel did not have a meeting room large enough to accommodate the growing numbers.

On May 16th, over 800 people came to the London Convention Centre for an early yet a spiritual uplifting start to this Day of Prayer. The program opened with a welcome from Eric Stolte who chaired the Day of Prayer Organizing Committee. He thanked his fellow committee members, sponsors and the hundreds that filled the room.

Eric then invited Martin Hayward, London’s City Manager, to deliver an address on behalf of City Hall. Martin spoke of the importance of prayer, including prayers at City Hall. He spoke about some of the important initiatives ongoing and how key it is and how successful it has become to work with the community of faith. He concluded his remarks with a request. “Please include the team at City Hall in your prayers.”

Gary Fess, the Chair of the Board of Directors at CCNL, spoke of the positive changes taking place within the organization. One of the keys to the move forward plan is to engage more of the younger followers to join CCNL, the board, and various steering committees. He then introduced Nick Ivanov, the newest member of the CCNL Board.

Nick gave a passionate and encouraging comment on the strength of Christian faith in London and why he accepted the invitation to join the board. He sees how CCNL unifies the churches to work together and he hopes to help build on the past successes. If his enthusiasm is any indication, he WILL be a key to the move forward plans of CCNL.

The music that followed was the perfect prelude to the presentation by the keynote speaker, Ann Voskamp. The music was performed by “We Are Worshipers” This group is excellent, and they had everyone on their feet singing along with a number of lively gospel songs.

In her introduction of Ann Voskamp, Misty Ropp, a member of the Day of Prayer Organizing Committee spoke of Ann’s many literary successes. Ann Voskamp is the wife of a farmer, mother to 7, and the author of the four New York Times bestsellers, The Broken Way, The Greatest Gift, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, and the sixty-week New York Times bestseller One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, which has sold more than 1.8 million copies and has been translated into more than twenty languages.

Named by Christianity Today as one of fifty women most shaping culture and the church today, Ann knows unspoken brokenness and big country skies and an intimacy with God that touches wounded places. Millions do life with her at her daily photographic online journal, one of the Top 10 most widely read Christian sites.

Ann began by speaking of the time and the exact spot when the Lord reached out to her. She and her husband were driving down a country road talking about what seemed to be insurmountable challenges, drowning in anxiety and just wanting Jesus to take the wheel.

While in this deep conversation with her husband talking about all of the anxieties and how she needs the prayers to be answered, her cell phone rings... “Is that God Calling?”

It was her friend Ella, whom she had not heard from in over a year. She was calling to tell Ann that she had quoted Ann’s words recently; “An unseen Hope made the Red Sea Road where there is no other way”. Ella then started playing the guitar and says, “We took those words and wrote them into a song, and you are the first to hear it.”

Ann just listened to her own words, ‘We will never be alone as unseen hope made the Red Sea road. God is always making a way.”

She was speechless, what timing. And she realized that He will part the waves and we will never walk alone. Worry is a façade while prayer is the solution. She realized that being stuck between a rock and the hard place, you better get to a place of prayer.

Her presentation was a powerful message of the importance, the need, the power and the centuries of the results of prayer. She provided example after example, dating back to the Exodus of the Israelites from the terror at the hands of the Egyptians. Even though they outnumbered the Egyptians ten thousand to one, worry and fear ruled them until the arrival of Moses.

She asked those in attendance to think about what exactly they are afraid of. She countered by suggesting that worry always loses to prayer. No matter what you, your family and your community are facing, whatever is in your way is making a way for more prayer.

She used the example that life is a train and the devil wants to be the conductor. It is essential that you take the time for those morning prayers because those prayers will determine your day before you leave the station.

She talked about the power of fear and worry saying, “Fear is a con artist when you have the wrong perspective, you will always head in the wrong direction. Your vision determines your direction. What are your prayers focused on and what is your vision? See the vision of God’s deliverance.”

She returned to the plight of the Israelites and how they were corned with their back against the wall of water – that of the Red Sea. And then, as a nation, they walked into the crashing waves. Ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep, chest deep, neck deep, nostril deep. They were unshakeable in their prayer. Deep faith in the deep waters touching the depths of God. The obstacles are miracles. Through Moses, God opens the Red Sea Road becoming their Red Sea forward.

Ann then said to the group, “When the water is up to your nose, that is your unshakable moment. All that blocks you are making a way for you right now, to trust more to want Jesus more. What looks like an obstacle today is making a way for more prayer. Nothing can make you so fiercely brave than to know Jesus is so fiercely praying for you. See the sea spilt the water to the right and to the left. Whatever you fear, you face, keep walking, keep praying and love Jesus more. His greatness will always come to meet you. “

She brought her powerful message to a close by saying, “Here in London today we are not walking the easy way, and we refuse to let the storm around us, to be a storm in us. God is calling all Londoners to be Prayer Warriors – Wave Walkers and He is greeting you with open arms.”

Following Ann’s wonderful presentation, the program moved to Prayers with Special Intention.

Paul Hubert led off with a prayer dedicated to Those that Govern. Shamiram Zendo followed as he prayed for Those that Serve. Gil Cleland from Sanctuary London then prayed for Those at Risk and the Vulnerable. Stephanie Ciccarelli followed Gil as she prayed for Those who are Marketplace Leaders.

The morning concluded with a closing Prayer by Misty Ropp and Eric Stolte.

The atmosphere in the room at the close of the meeting was one of glory. If anyone had come to this event forgetting about the power of prayer, they were leaving with a clear message about the importance, the power and the joy that comes through prayer.

Plans for 2020 are already in the works!