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London Area Right to Life Newly Elected President - Jeffrey Belanger
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Published June 2019

As your newly-elected president, I want to extend our sincere gratitude to all the members of the previous board of directors, for their dedication and service to the cause of Truth, Family, Life and Freedom, and for their service to all of you, the members of London Area Right to Life Association.

A special thank you to both outgoing president, Mr. Michael Hale, and outgoing vice-president Mrs. Ngan DeVries. Your decisions to take the message of Truth to other endeavours is received with mixed feelings, as the leadership you have provided sets a high benchmark by which those of us following will be judged, yet we wish you both great strength and perseverance in your new roles; that the Glory of God will be reflected in all that you do. Thank you and God bless.

It is now my privilege to introduce to the membership of London Area Right to Life Association our newly elected board of directors as follows:
Jeff Belanger, President;
Anna Marchand, Vice-President;
Linda Prickett, Treasurer;
Judy Balasch, Secretary;
Joyce Lamb, Nathan Marchand, Janice Rutledge, Jordynn Fraser and Adam Helmers.

We, the Board of Directors of London Area Right to Life Association, are at the service of each and every one of you, the members, and to this end, I encourage you to seek opportunity to introduce yourself to the members of the board, to freely contact any or each of the board members with any concerns, issues, ideas, or simply well wishes.

Should you have knowledge and/or expertise that you feel may be beneficial in our mission and would like to volunteer, take part in a committee, or make a presentation to the board, be assured that your participation would be most welcomed and appreciated.

I ask that you will keep us all in your prayers, that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct our efforts to serve you in bringing the message of Love, Hope and Charity to a world so immersed in chaos and despair that killing is perceived as compassion.

It is with a true spirit of compassion with which we must expose the heinous reality of abortion and euthanasia. We must remain always patient and steadfast, cognizant of the emotional and spiritual distress which pulls at the hearts and minds of Canadians, many of whom have never known a world where life is both celebrated and cherished; brought up in the belief that tolerance and compromise are virtuous qualities, and that political correctness supersedes rational and logical debate.

Every one of us, along the varied roads of life we have travelled have found ourselves at the crossroad, the moment in which we made a conscious decision to become members of the London Area Right to Life.

This decision unites us all as travelling companions along the road of Truth, and while stories of the roads by which we have come can make powerful witness, they hold not the same significance as the destination to which we have all set our sight upon; a world where abortion and euthanasia are universally held as unthinkable.

Those of you who may not know me or recognize me from my involvement these past years in the 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigils, the Walk for Life events, and Life Chain, I’d like to briefly share a little about me.

I have always held the conviction that life begins at conception, however, I have not always been so bold to say as much.

In 2012, Stephen Woodworth, MP for Kitchener Centre introduced Motion 312 to the House of Commons. The motion was to establish a committee to review Canada’s legislative definition of a “human being”.

I recognized this as an opportunity to have real debate on the issue, to have on record indisputable scientific evidence that a child in the womb could not be anything but a “human being”.

I felt compelled to start a petition urging parliament to adopt Motion 312. I worked tirelessly and collected enough signatures to have the petition read aloud in the House of Commons. Broaching such subjects in a small community has, unfortunately, repercussion.

My wife, Florence, and I relocated to London later that same year and have since welcomed two beautiful gifts from God in the persons of our son and daughter. The youngest will soon begin school this September.

The road by which we came, to relocate to London, is however, much less relevant than the road upon which we proceed, and as such, I will make efforts to avoid looking back to see how straight my path and keep my sight focused on the task ahead.

Your elected Board of Directors have bestowed upon me their trust, and thereby yours, to be an effective President. I will confess that this is not a position I desired when I put my name forward to sit as a member of the Board of Directors, nor is it likely a position any other member of the board would desire.

The need for a right to life association, let alone a president thereof, challenges every reasonable and logical concept of what a free and just society ought to be.

When I consider that advocacy groups such as ours are needed, advocating for the first and most fundamental right, Life, Jonathan van Maren by Blaise Alleyne & I cannot help but question the existence of rights at all. When the act of publicly making the same observation is cause for arrest, how free and just is our society?

Is it not fair to say, that rights and freedoms are nothing more than privileges afforded to us by the state?

Should this be the case, could these same privileges not be withdrawn?

Would a change in government afford us the same privilege?

Are any of us truly free?

Without a right to simply live, guaranteed by our constitution, to have our lives protected by the state, from conception to natural death, we have nothing but the facade of freedom.

Only in Truth, acknowledging the supremacy of God, recognizing every living soul as created in His image can we hope to be free.

Life. Family. Freedom. These form the foundation of an ordered, just society.

As President, I will remain committed to this end, to serve God, the members of London Area Right to Life Association, our Queen, and the Dominion of Canada.


Jeffrey Belanger

London Area Right to Life Association
223-341 Talbot Street London ON N6A 2R5
Telephone: (519) 659-3334