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Published June 2019

As part of this appeal, CCNL distributed videos, links to which are included below that were to be used as a guide for the journey throughout the Day of Prayer.

While these prayers were prepared for use during the Day of Prayer, they are all relevant today and every day. All are still active and can be viewed by you from the links provided. Many will watch them over and over as these involve our role, our responsibilities to the Lord’s work in London.

9:00am - The Church

Praying for the Local Church from CCNL on Vimeo.

We are going to kick start the day praying for our local churches. Bing Li, a student at Fanshawe College, is an active member at his church. Let’s join him in praying that:
  1. Our local churches would be unified
  2. Our local church leaders would have wisdom and strength
  3. That unbelievers would be welcomed into our local churches

11:00 am - Elementary/High Schools

Praying for Elementary and High Schools from CCNL on Vimeo.

Immaculate Namukasa is an educator of educators, and a mom to kids in our local schools. Let’s join her in praying that:
  1. God would guide the teachers and administrators
  2. That schools would be physically, mentally, socially, and intellectually safe spaces
  3. That students would find inner peace, joy, courage, and pride in their learning and achievements

Health Care System

Praying for Health Care from CCNL on Vimeo.

Nick Ivanov is a nurse who cares passionately for his patients and his co-workers. Let’s join him in praying that:
  1. God would strengthen those who serve our city in the healthcare system
  2. A resiliency, that they won’t grow weary in their work
  3. That each patient would be surrounded by caring and loving support systems

12:00pm - Local Government

Praying for the Municipal Government from CCNL on Vimeo.

Taylor Eckert is an Engineer-in-Training with the City of London. He regularly meets with co-workers to pray for our municipal government, and those who lead our city. Let’s join him in praying that:
  1. Each person who works at City Hall would come to know the Lord
  2. That there would be wise counsel surrounding each decision

1:00pm - University/College

Munjula Saito is the Eastern Field Director, and Campus Mentor at Western University for The Navigators Canada. She loves students, and desires for us to join her in praying that:
  1. The schools would be safe places for all
  2. May the Christians on campus live lives of integrity, love, and service so Christ is seen in all they do
  3. That many would consider deep spiritual truths

2:00pm - The Marginalized

Dan Morand cares deeply about those who are marginalized in our city, and works at the Urban Haven Project, as well as pastors at Beth Emmanuel Church. Let’s join him in praying:
  1. That those who are marginalized would feel a touch of God’s Spirit
  2. Forgiveness for not reaching out and showing Christ’s love
  3. To have eyes and ears to see and hear what God sees and hears

3:00pm - First Responders/Police

Madison Eckert is abundantly thankful for those who serve on the front lines of our city, both firefighters and police officers. Let’s join her in praying that:
  1. Each worker would have divine wisdom and strength as they encounter complex situations
  2. God would help them process well the things they see and experience
  3. That each of them would have a community of support around them

4:00pm - Local Businesses

Donna Teeple leads an incredible team of women at the World Tailors, a local business. Let’s join her in praying for the many local businesses and business leaders:
  1. That each business leader would use their gifts to provide dignity and love to people in our city
  2. A continued awareness of others
  3. For strength and patience as they meet the challenges of our city

5:00pm - Environment

To end off our day of prayer, Dan Hall would like us to pray for our environment. Dan works at Squeaky Wheel Bike Co-op, and strives to care for our environment in each aspect of his life. Let’s join him in praying that:
  1. We may live to redeem the earth and the environment we live in
  2. May we consider our daily actions toward the environment as an act of love towards our neighbours
  3. That we would have a new imagination for what is possible

God, through the prophet Jeremiah, has a word for us today, “Work for the good of the city where I’ve taken you..., and pray to the Lord for that city. When it prospers, you will also prosper.” (Jer. 29:7) Prayer must inspire engagement. As we pray together, we trust God will enable us to be “…of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus; that with one accord we may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Rom.15:5-6). As the tide rises in London, may we work in God’s energy to see more effective outreach to impoverished and marginalized people, the end of racism and bigotry and a city that will flourish in the Gospel as we all work for the common good!