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Current/Archived News Stories

April 2021 Prayer Prompt
...around the table
The Churches of London Series
Village Green Community Church
London Christian Life and Witness Course May - June
BookMark - Healthy Gut Zone: Heal Your Digestive System to Restore Your Body and Renew Your Mind (BOOK REVIEW)
The Imprisoned for Christ Virtual Event – April 24th!
Register Now!
The Greater London Celebration with Will Graham
Did You Miss the Virtual Celebration Launch Event?
Working from Home - 4 Must See Videos! (VIDEO)
Navigating Faith & Culture - Together
Faith Today magazine now FREE in Canada
Reel Review - Roe v. Wade (MOVIE REVIEW)
An Update from The London Child & Youth Network
I’m Drawing God! (HUMOUR)

April » Reel Review - Roe v. Wade
April » BookMark - Healthy Gut Zone: Heal Your Digestive System to Restore Your Body and Renew Your Mind
April » April 2021 Prayer Prompt
...around the table
April » The Churches of London Series
Village Green Community Church
April » The Imprisoned for Christ Virtual Event – April 24th!
Register Now!
April » Navigating Faith & Culture - Together
Faith Today magazine now FREE in Canada
April » The Greater London Celebration with Will Graham
Did You Miss the Virtual Celebration Launch Event?
April » Integrity
April » London Christian Life and Witness Course May - June
April » An Update from The London Child & Youth Network
March » March 2021 Prayer Prompt
For Those Who Are Older
March » Churchyard Bees
March » Excitement Builds For The Greater London Celebration With Will Graham
March » BookMark - The Tipping Point - The End Is Here
March » Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support Renames as COMPASS Refugee Centre
March » The Churches of London:
London Seventh-Day Adventist Church
March » The Retrouvaille Program
For Married Couples Facing Difficult Challenges in their Relationship
March » Considering Tyndale University? Come For A Virtual Visit...Here!
March » Reel Review - Bigfoot Family
March » More Americans Than People in Other Advanced Economies Say COVID-19 Has Strengthened Religious Faith
Where Do Canadians Rank?
March » Write What You Know
March » I’m Drawing God!
February » what we say matters...
February Prayer Prompt
February » Project Hope - London
February » BookMark - Always Know; See Hear Love
February » Children in need around the world to receive 373,000 gift-filled shoeboxes from Canadians
February » Helping Hands: How to Minister to your Community During COVID
February » The Churches of London:
West London Alliance Church Arabic Fellowship
February » New Day – You Are Not Alone
February » Londoners’ Generosity Extends Food Bank’s Reach
February » People, We Are at War!
February » Reel Review - Charming
February » Prayer Time
January » January Prayer Prompt
Dream Again
January » It’s A Go – The Celebration with Will Graham Is Coming To London Here Is The Latest News
January » Kids Off the Block: An Interview with Diane Latiker
January » Open Doors Releases 2021 World Watch List
January » Reel Review - The Croods: A New Age
January » BookMark - Kids Off the Block
January » People on the Move
New Leadership at Canadian Christian Business Federation and Promise Keepers
January » 15 Reasons to Laugh ... Spiritually
December » Conspiracy or Not
April » Working from Home - 4 Must See Videos!
March » Back To God - Reba McEntire - Live from The Ryman Auditorium
March » Take A Break – Have A Chuckle with Tim Hawkins & Bob Smiley
March » Just Released March 1st – 100 of The Best Praise & Worship Songs
December » BookMark - Divine Christmas (Divine Christian Cozy Mystery #5)
December » Reel Review - The Christmas Chronicles 2
December » 25 Christmas Jokes You Can Tell Kids
December » Top Old Christmas Songs - Christian Christmas Worship Songs
December » Mary, Did You Know?
December » Silent Night – Sung By Claire Ryann When She Was Just 4
December » John the Baptist: a Prophetic Voice in the Wilderness
December » John the Baptist: a Prophetic Voice in the Wilderness
December » December 2020 Prayer Prompt
December » A Hopeful Tomorrow: Greg’s Story
December » Magnificat Luke 1: 47
December » Measuring the COVID-19 Effect on Canadian Christian Charities
November » Reel Review - Operation Christmas Drop
November » BookMark - The Harbinger II: The Return
November » Pray London
"Light in the Darkness"
November » Living a New Life of Hope
November » Genesis Christened by the Church of England
November » Uphold Freedom of Expression on Abortion in London, Ontario
November » Canadians Invited To Bless Children In Need With Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts
November » The Remarkable Story of How Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Was Founded
November » "Come Forth And Receive Eternal Life"
November » “This little light of mine; I'm goin' to let it shine”
November » A Time to Sew
November » Everything You want to Know about Christian Colleges in the United States
November » (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United Cover By Anika Shea
November » Acoustic Sessions - "What Love is Like" featuring Melanie Tierce
November » “Welcome King Jesus” Featuring Kaden Slay & Melanie Tierce
October » BookMark - The Crushing Depths(Coastal Guardians #2)
October » A Bridge to Mercy
October » Elder Abuse in London
October » ”HOW LONG...?“
The Inner Question That Lurks Around The Edges Of Our Dailies
October » Project Maple Leaf
October » Tony Kulpa Joins the Christian Life in London Team
October » Promise Keepers Canada Announces New Name And Website For Global Reach
October » Mercy Ships Announces The Global Mercy, World's Largest NGO Hospital Ship
October » Little Girl, I Say To You, Arise
October » Reel Review - Heaven
October » The Celebration with Will Graham Is Here In London – Right Now!!
October » Creative Contest for Canadian Students
October » The Language of Love
October » Canadian Non-Profit and Ministry Leaders Discuss Real-Life Leading Through Crisis
October » 3rd Grade Students Asking Questions To God
September » BookMark - Dead End (Kaely Quinn Profiler #3)
September » Reel Review - The Personal History of David Copperfield
September » ‘God always has a plan’: Encouragement from Will Graham
September » 40 Days for Life Kick-Off Vigil!
September » London’s Creation Bookstore: An Uplifting Space in a Difficult World
September » Ark Aid Mission: Striving to Serve
September » A Four-Lesson Study Considering Biblical Principles Of Estate Planning
September » London Food Bank: Fighting Food Insecurity at all Levels
September » Sanctuary in Time of Greatest Need
September » London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre Invites You to the… First Ever Virtual Gala Event and It’s Free
September » Bible League Canada Announces New Standalone Canadian Ministry Division
September » We Must Stay Positive During COVID
August » BookMark - The Jerusalem Assassin (Marcus Ryker #3)
August » Reel Review - The Grizzlies
August » Bible Memorization
August » The Major Storms of Life
August » Doomsday Asteroid, Devil Rock and Bright Morning Star
August » How Christians Can Fight Depression
August » Jeanne Robertson On The Challenges Of Raising Boys - VIDEO
July » BookMark - The Way of the Brave
July » Reel Review - My Spy
July » Funny Signs at a time when Laughter is in Short Supply!
July » The New Normal? But what is normal? What will it look like?
July » Strange Passage of Time
July » How Churches are Planning to Reopen in London An Interview with Seven London Pastors
July » Ann Mainse Pens Her Cancer Healing Journey in "Coffee with Him"
July » Witnessing wisely
July » Open Doors: Ministry in Closed Countries During COVID-19
July » Win a Limited Edition of the Open Doors Book: “India Illustrated” AND An Original Work of Art!
July » 5 Powerful Prayers for Restoration of a Broken World
July » Online Celebration prayer events, worship gatherings
June » BookMark - Chasing Vines: Finding Your Way to an Immensely Fruitful Life
June » Reel Review - I Still Believe
June » We Invite YOU To Get Involved with The London Celebration with Will Graham
119 Churches United across Canada to Record the Project.
June » How to Run Alpha Online with Zoom
June » Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Launches
The Home Together Fund
June » Inspirational Video
11-Year-Old Sings Inspiring Rendition Of 'Rise Up'
June » 'Walk By Faith' Jeremy Camp Re-Releases Hit Single - Christian Music Videos
June » Jeff Foxworthy Comments on Ontario
June » The London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre
Reaching Women and Families in Crisis During COVID-19
June » "....considering the other"
Pray London Prompt
June 2020
June » Aylmer’s The Church of God
Hosting Parking Lot Services Every Sunday Since Easter
May » Well......If This Doesn’t Make You Smile, Then You’re Just Grumpy!
May » Andrea Bocelli Sings 'Amazing Grace' In Empty Plaza In Milan
May » BookMark - Promised Land (Second and final book in the Chosen People series)
May » Reel Review - Go to the Movies...At Home. Great Christian Movies Streaming Right Now on Netflix
May » Pray for London
Post Easter 2020
May » Mission Peru 2020 (A Dad’s Perspective)
May » From Devastation to Innovation
May » Ending Exploitation Through Education
May » Bill Payne - A London Good Samaritan Supporting the Vulnerable at St. Joseph’s Hospitality Centre Throughout COVID
April » BookMark - Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name
April » Reel Review - Go to the Movies...At Home. 9 Great Christian Movies Streaming Right Now on Netflix
April » How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus without Instilling Fear Check Your Own Fear with God’s Word
April » Why Hoard Mountains of Toilet Paper When One Roll Will Do?
April » 'Wash Your Hands' The Holderness Family A Cappella Parody - Comedy Videos
April » Home Alone - With the Kids
April » The Pickle Jar that Changes Lives
April » Prayer Prompt for London
.... for moments like these
April » Coffee & Conversations with Women of the Bible
A Beautiful Heart – Coffee with Esther
April » How to build trust in your workplace
April » A Real Conversation with Compassion Canada's new President and CEO Allison Alley
April » Reaching a Community in Crisis
March » BookMark - Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself: An Invitation to the Miracle of Forgiveness
March » Reel Review - Sonic the Hedgehog
March » Wow! Rev. Fr. Peter Colapiet Made Me the Beneficiary of His Will At the Sum of $6,500,000.00
March » Retirement: What are you retiring from? What are you retiring to?
March » Black & White…explained?
March » Mental Illness – Mental Wellness: A Christian Approach
March » London Residents Contribute More Than 4,700 Boxes to National Total
March » Coronavirus COVID-19 – As Londoners, How Worried Should You Be?
February » BookMark - Smoke Screen
February » Reel Review - 1917
February » Connecting People to Jobs and Jobs to People
February » London Christian Prayer Breakfast / Day of Prayer Coming Soon!
February » Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Announces: National Writing Contest Meaning of Home-for students in Grades 4, 5 and 6
February » A Less Tolerant, More Dangerous World for Christians
February » Three Londoners See the Other Side of Israel
February » Praying For Hearing
January » January Prayer Prompt
January » Pastor Buchanan Celebrates His 90th
January » Reel Review - Just Mercy
January » BookMark - The Faith of Queen Elizabeth: The Poise, Grace, and Quiet Strength Behind the Crown
January » Prayer for the New Year
January » Alabama performs ‘Let’s All Go Down To The River To Pray.'
January » Looking for London & St Thomas Families for the Habitat for the Humanity Heartland Homeownership Program
January » Beginner's Pluck
January » Ark Aid Street Ministry Seeking Executive Director
December » Taking Inventory
December » BookMark - Dark Ambitions - Code of Honor #3 (Series)
December » London Christian Business Leaders introduced to Arrow Entrepreneur
December » 100,000 Students Participate In World's Largest Theology School Graduation
December » The Centre of Hope
December » Villages United Church and Ministries
December » Sorry, Johnny Can’t Be In The Play
December » Christmas Cookie Therapy
December » Video: Sisters Sing A Cappella ; ‘Mary Did You Know’
December » Your 2019 Advent Calendar
December » London's Good Samaritans Bob Hutton - Reaching Youth through YFC London
December » A Tribute to William (Bill) Carter Bethel
December » Christian Churches Network of London Announcements
December » Son of the Most High
December » Recorded Live at the 2019 Country Music Awards - Dolly Parton And Zach Williams Perform 'There Was Jesus'
November » BookMark - The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled
November » Video – Bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive I am having now!
November » Canada Prayfast in London
November » Will You “HELP HEAR AT HOME”?
November » Will Graham and The Quinte Celebration of Hope in Belleville
November » Justin: Belonging His Way
November » Mission Possible Canada A Remarkable Story of His Work and Equipping the Next Generation of Christ-centered Leaders
November » 12 Neighbors
November » When Does Life Begin?
November » Allison Alley : Compassion Canada’s new President and CEO
November » Western Campus Ministry at 50: A Global Christian Witness at Western
November » Mission Partners International
November » Wings of Prayer Ministries
November » Welcome to the November Edition of Christian Life in London
October » Canadian Thanksgiving – A Liturgical Festival
October » London's Good Samaritans Dan Morand - Spreading God's Love to the Forgotten of London
October » Let’s Pray for Canada’s Federal Election
October » Laurie Marks Vincent Introduces the Blessing Fund
October » Ian puts his Culinary Skills to Work at London Youth for Christ's "Café Connect"
October » Pray for Education
October » BookMark - Vow of Justice
October » A First Time Need: James’ Story of Shelter Diversion
October » Meet my Dragons
October » Refuge Ministries Canada Equipping Churches for Youth Prison Ministry in Their Community
October » God is watching!
October » Video – The Color Musical Choir Presents "You Raise Me Up"
October » 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace
August 2019 Lindau, Germany
October » The New President of the Arctic Missions Outreach Trust Fund “My Vision for the Church”
September » An Interview with the Kendrick’s Brothers on Overcomer “We think you’re going to love it!”
September » BookMark - The Killing Tide (Coastal Guardians #1)
September » A Message from The Editor Of Christian Life in London
September » “How does 40 Days for Life change lives?”
September » Gateway Equine Healing Centre
A Place of Refuge and Healing for Abused Horses, Teens & Women
September » The First International Day Commemorating the Victims of Violence Based on Religion or Belief. – August 22, 2019
September » Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Led Research Helps Answer Canadian Church Questions
September » King’s University College at Western University
A Catholic, Liberal Arts University College
September » A Christian charitable organization committed to empowering international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ
September » No One Is an Island
September » Ark Aid Street Mission
For 35 Years - Practically Expressing Christian Faith and Love Where They are Needed Most
September » Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Guest Preachers
August » BookMark - Defying Jihad: The Dramatic True Story of a Woman Who Volunteered to Kill Infidels-and Then Faced Death for Becoming One
August » Born half a world apart...but united in anticipating the Celebration of Hope
August » Get Up – It’s Time For Church!
August » Have a Safe and Blessed Summer
August » "One Dominion" is Waiting for You
August » Tips For Reading And Understanding The Bible
August » Video – for Song: ‘Reason’, From Christian rock band: “Unspoken”
August » Finished High School but don’t have the answer to; What’s Next?
Redeemer University College May Have the Answer
July » BookMark - Not Forsaken: Finding Freedom as Sons & Daughters
July » REEL REVIEW - Toy Story 4
July » Renegotiating Faith The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What It Means for the Church in Canada
July » It’s A Wrap – The 2018 Alpha Program Review
July » The Pastor's Mother and the Usher
July » Find Your Tribe
July » Canadian Theaters Cancel ‘Unplanned’ Movie Showings After ‘Personal Threats’ Against Employees and Their Families
July » News Briefs from The Canadian Christian News Service
July » Positive Outcome For Christian Charities As Senate Affirms "Advancing Religion"
July » Concern for Canadian Police Officers’ Mental Health Inspires Special Free Bible Distribution
July » Canadian Bible Society Chosen As Exclusive Canadian Distributor Of Alabaster The Bible Beautiful
July » Flyingbow Celebrates 10 Years With Renewed Vision
July » International Justice Mission Canada Announces New Leadership
June » Experience Another World Without Leaving Yours
June » REEL REVIEW - Overcomer
June » BookMark - Don’t Give Up: Faith That Gives You the Confidence to Keep Believing and the Courage to Keep Going
June » Videos of the 2019 Prayers for London
June » The 2019 London Christian Prayer Breakfast
“An unseen Hope made the Red Sea Road where there is no other way”
June » Getting Connected on the Opioid Crisis – A Free In-Studio and Livestream Event
June » London Area Right to Life Newly Elected President - Jeffrey Belanger
June » Chaplain Rejoices as Flood Victim Accepts Jesus Christ
June » A Sense of Place
May » London Christian Prayer Breakfast
May » London – A Thrifters Paradise
May » LPFSC 28th Annual Banquet Reflections
May » Written in Your Bulletin?
May » Incredible Moment When Image Of Jesus Appears In The Sky Over Italy
May » Gone to the Dogs
May » Be Part Of London’s Next Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan
May » BookMark - The Book of Signs Study Guide: 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse
May » Leadership Changes at International Justice Mission Canada
May » CAFÉ (Christian Adult Fellowship Events)
May » The New King’s Academy - St Thomas Believing That Great Futures Start With Christian Education!
April » Habitat For Humanity – Now Accepting Applications For The Habitat For Humanity Home Ownership Program In London
April » Diaspora Churches in London
April » The Shepherd's Guide Christian Business and Ministry Directory Celebrating Greater London Area's 20th Anniversary Edition
April » A Lifeline
April » Introducing: Hope and Healing International
April » Compassion Canada; 3 Young Rwandans Pursue Peace After Genocide
April » BookMark - Code of Valor – Blue Justice
April » Goats and such
April » Home Is Where the Heart Is
April » The 2019 Edition of Church Sign Humour
April » Why Does The Date For Easter Change & What Are The Origins Of The Word Easter?
April » REEL REVIEW - UglyDolls
March » BookMark - The Persian Gamble
March » REEL REVIEW - How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World
March » It Takes Eight Men!
March » London Christian Prayer Breakfast
March » New Life Prison Ministries
March » God’s Laughter
March » Fight the Winter Blahs
March » Compassion Canada to Host 'A Night of Music and Meaning'
March » Christian Blind Mission (cbm) Canada Working with the World's Most Vulnerable People Announces Strategic Programming Shift
March » Lots of ‘New” at Camp Cherith including New Director Heather-Lynn Huston
March » Over One Million People In Canada Have Taken Alpha!
March » 'I'll Turn to Him' Original Worship Song by Monica Scott - Inspirational Videos
February » The Little Black Book of Scams
February » The Bible with More than Words!
February » Open Doors Canada Releases 2019 World Watch List
February » Alpha 2018:
+100,000 Canadians Explored and discovered Life, Faith and Jesus
February » What to Say to a Person Who is Hurting
February » Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Launches Writing Contest for Students in Grades 4, 5 and 6
February » BookMark
February » Pre-meal Prayer: The Official Rules Video According to Christian Comedian John Crist
January » What denominations would you like?
January » BookMark
January » Meet the Pastor: Gary Schell of Church in the Oaks
January » Compassion International Celebrates Churches While Marking a Major Milestone
January » Introducing Chantelle McGuffin and Boss Chics
January » Casting Crowns Releases 'Only Jesus' Album
January » The Religious Typology
A new way to categorize the population by religion
September » Good Samaritan: 15-year-old Trista Reid Delivers Despite Battling Rare Brain Disease