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Published March 2023

Great Lakes Bible College (GLBC) has established a local Hybrid Learning Centre in London to equip Christians in the area, connecting them to qualified teachers and like-minded peers.

Many local faith communities do not have the time and people resources to support deep study of Bible, Ministry and Worldview. However, connecting through the GLBC Learning Centre at HELPPS, a local psychotherapy practice, students will attend GLBCs live lectures with a local cohort of students.

What’s a Hybrid Learning Centre?

Using high quality conferencing equipment at the Hybrid Learning Centre, students can connect with live lectures and a local cohort of students; Classmates outside of London can join from other locations across Canada. Finally, instructors have the flexibility to teach from London or connecting virtually from another location.

In a post pandemic world, GLBCs Hybrid Learning in London builds on an approach they’d developed with a location in Winnipeg pre-pandemic- recognizing the benefits of students staying close to home, while also realizing the deep and essential value of two-way connections with instructors and peers, President Immanuel Velasco, says the opportunity is “To know, and be known”.

This partnership also lines up with HELPPS goal to expand the services provided through the practice.

Great Lakes Bible College

As a recognized degree-granting institution, GLBC (primarily located in Waterloo) grants Bachelor of Religious Education, Bachelors of Theology, under authority granted by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 1989. Interestingly, despite the ‘Bible College’ name, students have diverse paths going in and following studies.

“All our students come with a passion to study the Bible, but don’t necessarily move into occupations in Christian Ministry. Some have gone on to full time Ministry, Academia, and others continued to work in secular fields. In fact, most of our part-time students maintain ‘secular’ careers while studying”, said Mr. Velasco.

Programs, Tuition and Funding Offered

GLBC offers full-time, part-time and audit studies, including various certificates that can be used towards a BA Religious Education or BA Theology. Shorter 8 week courses, and intensive week long courses are also regularly made available. Mr. Velasco shared the paradigm in approaching the program. “Our curriculum focuses on Bible as our foundation for truth, the call for every Christian to some type of Ministry, and the importance of understanding our unique Christian Worldview as we engage with the world.”

Tuition is affordable compared with other undergraduate institutions due to low-overhead and generous support. Typical 12-week courses are offered at $300 per course. For anyone that wants to attend, but have a financial need, a bursary program regularly accepts applications after enrollment.

If one is just getting back into the academic world, Mr. Velasco suggests Ministry Formation, which will next be offered in July, and is only 1 Credit Hour instead of the typical 3 Credit Hours per course. “Many of our students have been excited to go through the exercise of searching for and executing on the opportunities to minister around them.”

For more information, please connect with GLBC: