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Published September 2019
By Rev. Paul Estabrooks

Picture 1

Picture 1 HOPE Outreach of Canada, established in 1993, is a Canadian support group for Christian ministries in Palestinian Israel; specifically, Bethlehem Bible College (BethBC), now forty years in training ministry, and Musalala, a reconciliation ministry between Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians. HOPE sponsors student scholarships at BethBC and summer children’s camp scholarships with Musalaha.

Picture 1 A westerner volunteering at last summer’s children’s camp shared this viewpoint titled:


Mine was last summer, August 2018. For five days heaven met earth as children from all around “the Land” came together for a Youth Summer Camp, with Musalaha. Picture 1 There I saw Messianic Jews and Christians, Israelis and Palestinians, meet, befriend and celebrate holiday life through meals, arts and crafts, hip-hop, water games, football, volleyball, plays, talent shows, and worship in Hebrew, Arabic and English. There I saw the kingdom of God opened in front of me, where indifference and fear were transformed into love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control all dancing with one another. There I saw the roots and the heart of Christ.

Picture 1 From afar, reconciliation between followers of Christ doesn’t seem a big challenge, although we only need to look at the various denominations and traditions within each denomination to know there are challenges. From “the Land,” cultural, religious, historical, linguistical economic, political differences have become walls, echoing the physical wall that separates communities. These children grow up in a society, on both sides, where befriending “the other side” is unimaginable…at best. Yet, during one week, children learn to live with, share meals and talk with one another. For one week, they do what Jesus did every time he went on a boat “to the other side,” every time he talked to someone who wasn’t a Nazarene, every time he talked to a Roman, a Pharisee, a woman, a child, a person with a disability. For one week, these children come together because of the name of Jesus. Because of the reconciling power of the cross.

And yet, for some of the children and leaders there, the Cross they follow is precisely the source not of their reconciliation but of their rejection. As they follow the cross, some have been rejected by their Palestinian community. Others have suffered and endured dramatic physical persecution that forced them to flee. Others have been rejected from their own church family because they don’t support nationalism but reconciliation as a political agenda. Others are forced to sit on the margin of their community because they converted from Islam.

Picture 1 But this cross, the cross that holds rejection – also holds a promise. Because through the power and victory of the cross, children learn how to speak each other’s language, learn to love each other, learn that the other is simply “like them.” And because of their faith in Jesus, and thanks to their parents who courageously send them on holidays to be “with that other,” their hearts are ploughed to become fertile soil for radical love and peace. And because of their faith, their courage, and their witness to the gospel, I am humbled as I realize I don’t endure the cost of the cross in the same way. Because of their faith, I am strengthened in my hope for peace that will come from God’s people. Because of their faith, I am encouraged. If reconciliation can happen there, it can happen anywhere, including in the polarized and divided West. But perhaps for that to happen, we need to pray not that “they” would be more like us, but that we, Europeans or Canadians, would be like them, more like these Musalaha children, opened to the other, willing to sit on the fringes, willing to make uncomfortable friendships, willing to see the other as another child of God, willing to take up our cross to follow Him to the other side, reminding ourselves that above all, we are His and in Him, we are one.

Musalaha builds hearts of peace and reconciliation. One at a time. They also built mine.

Thanks to generous Canadian supporters, twenty more underprivileged children were sponsored to experience Musalaha’s Youth Reconciliation Summer Camp in Israel this year in early August 2019.


Bethlehem Encounter

This very special opportunity is coming up:
Bethlehem Encounter
October 18 – November 2, 2019
you can be a part of this adventure!

Picture 7

Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is also home to a small Christian community within a Muslim majority. This trip offers the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals and grass roots community groups involved in issues of peace, justice, reconciliation and care for the marginalized.

Learn of the biblical and historical importance of the Holy Land, the local church, and the current realities and challenges of Palestinians and Israelis whose lives are impacted by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Based in Bethlehem, participation supports the Bethlehem Bible College and local ministries and enhances understanding of the Bible and the complex problems of this region.
  • Cook and savour a traditional Palestinian meal with inspiring women living in a refugee camp.
  • Explore biblical sites in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Hebron, Jericho, Nazareth, the Galilee…
  • Help a Palestinian family with their olive harvest.
  • Gain biblical, historical and cultural insights into the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
  • Interact with special needs children and young adults at the House of Hope and L’Arche.
  • Float on the Dead Sea and sail on the Sea of Galilee.
  • Visit Yad Vashem (Holocaust museum) and Musalaha (reconciliation ministry)

For details and an application please contact:

Beverley Timgren 647-571-2959
Paul Estabrooks 519- 473-4267

The cost is C$3,600.00 (all-inclusive except travel insurance and personal expenses)The cost is based on 10 – 12 participants and please know that the cost may be adjusted according to US$ exchange

For more information go to


Picture 1 Storyteller ∙ Speaker ∙ Writer ∙ Teacher ∙ Administrator

Rev. Paul Estabrooks is a veteran foreign missionary with a deep concern for Christians in restricted countries. He completed thirty-eight years of ministry to Persecuted Christians with Open Doors International after eight years with the Far East Broadcasting Company.

Paul is a story-teller and loves to share the joys and triumphs as well as the challenges of members of the part of the body we call the Persecuted Church. Over the past forty years he has distributes Bibles, brought encouragement, training and other assistance to Christians living in areas where they are persecuted or are restricted in living out or sharing their faith...encouraging them to reach out to others around them.

Estabrooks joined Open Doors-Asia in 1979 as Research Manager for the Asia region. Prior to joining Open Doors, Estabrooks - whose roots are in Maritime Eastern Canada - served eight years with the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Manila, Philippines as head of Overseas Radio Programming. There he studied the Tagalog language and he and his wife adopted a Filipino baby girl – Melinda (host of the young women’s web/video/TV program “See, Hear, Love” from 100 Huntley Street - Crossroads Television).

It was during those years of considerable travel throughout Asia for FEBC that he developed an awareness and concern for Christians in spiritual needy countries like China, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Burma.

He was the project coordinator for the delivery of one million Chinese Bibles (232 tons) to Shantou, China in one night -- June 18, 1981 -- called Project Pearl. TIME magazine called it “Risky Rendezvous in Swatow,” but he says, “for me it was the most exciting night of my life! The subsequent testimonies of Chinese people who received those Bibles suggest it was also the most significant activity of my life…as well as for the other nineteen men on the team.” This project is the subject of one of his books and a DVD documentary. He also served Open Doors for three years as Southeast Asia Coordinator—based in Singapore—as well as the first full-time Director for Open Doors Canada for five years (1986-1991).

Paul is the author of five books and a number of booklets. One is a major training manual used around the world in 46 languages titled STANDING STRONG THROUGH THE STORM (SSTS). His latest volumes are ESCAPE FROM NORTH KOREA, NIGHT OF A MILLION MIRACLES: The Inside Story of Project Pearl and DAILY INSPIRATION FROM THE LION’S DEN: Devotionals to help you Stand Strong Through The Storm.

Picture 7

Speaking Topics

Paul Estabrooks is available to speak/teach for weekend church services, seminars, one-week intensive courses and special events: RED SKIES AT DAWN: Coming storms facing the church in the West and how to respond.

Victorious living for Christians living under pressure, discrimination and persecution.

A survey of places and peoples among whom God’s Spirit is at work today in our world.

The title of Paul’s next book, A focus on how Christians should respond to the challenges of our contemporary post-truth and post-Christian culture.

How the Persecuted Church members model victory, endurance and perseverance.

Seminary course with in-depth biblical perspectives on persecution, suffering and martyrdom.

Picture 11 Paul has led mission trips to Asia for many years. In the summer of 2010, he led a team of sixteen on a prayer walk to North-east China and North Korea. He currently leads trips to Israel. As a representative of Open Doors, he has visited Christians in restricted countries as diverse as Cuba, Tibet, Iraq, China, Bhutan, Mongolia, Iran, India, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. He has shared his experiences of meeting Persecuted Christians with numerous audiences in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South and North America. So far in 2019, he has ministered overseas in Thailand and Bhutan.

He co-teaches “Standing Strong Through The Storm” (SSTS) seminars internationally as well as a seminary level course titled “Theology of Persecution and Discipleship” (TOPAD). In North America, he also teaches a 1-day SSTS seminar which shares the biblical principles learned from the Persecuted Church.

Picture 12 Estabrooks graduated from Tyndale University College (LCBM - London, Ontario) in 1966 with a Bachelor of Theology honors degree. He later received a Bachelor and Master of Arts (with distinction) from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan majoring in Mass Communications.

In 2016, Tyndale University College awarded him the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year!

He and his wife, Dianne, have been married for fifty-four years. They have three grown married children, eleven grandchildren, and make their home in London, Ontario, Canada.

Tel: 1-519-473-4267