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Published July 2019

Kelly Tallon Franklin is the founder of Courage for Freedom, a Canadian-based organization who exists to educate, train and certify front-line and community service providers on proven strategies and prevention tactics serves vulnerable victims of human trafficking and sexually exploited girls.

She is also the Executive Director of Farmtown Canada, a provider of minor-aged victim services and restorative “horse that heal” programs for young girls whose innocence has been compromised by criminals who recruited, coerced, and exploited them.

As a human-rights advocate specifically in the areas of human trafficking, women’s rights and community protection, Kelly has been a long-time voice for those in the vulnerable sector. She works tirelessly to share her message and advocacy to government, corporations, municipalities and communities.

Kelly believes that Courage for Freedom is born out of doing the right thing. It is not just a social justice issue, but a human issue where each one of us is called to lead our lives honorably and with impact to take action and foster positive, lasting change.

“Our communities must realize that for one to have freedom all must have freedom. Human slavery and sexual exploitation must end”, says Kelly. “The cost of not having the courage for freedom is too great a burden to bear.”


It all started when a 16 year old survivor of human trafficking and sexual exploitation wanted to erase stigma and end denial about what was happening to minor aged victims. She created and organized #ProjectONroute with a 15 second video message that will show 2 million media screen impressions in 20 locations potentially reaching over 550,000 people a day for 30 days.

Of course she wants to celebrate the final day with a ONe hour celebration inviting all of Ontario to join her at ONroute location. She wants us all to be aware, to care and to share by coming together as the only way we can put differences, agendas and ideas aside to celebrate her campaign and start a movement to listen to victim responses and voices to do prevention, intervention and post-vention work with enthusiasm, and solidarity as a response to her awareness campaign.

The campaign launch was back on February 22 , Canada’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day and will and will wrap up on July 30, World Day Against Trafficking Courage for Freedom

This media awareness initiative is part of our community education strategy with cooperation, support and encouragement from numerous police services, first responders, victim support groups, community and political leaders, chambers of commerce, businesses, healthcare providers, women’s groups, civic groups, community services and more.

The campaign will provide over 2 million media awareness impressions at all 20 ONroutes in Ontario communities during the month of July 2019.


The work of Courage for Freedom and in ONtario has lead us to the understanding of these sobering facts:
  • 60% of trafficking in Canada has been reported to start on the Ontario Corridor Highways of 400 401 403 QEW and series Highways and their feeder communities.
  • 68-72% of those trafficked in Ontario are under 25 and minors median age 12-13 years old
  • Children and Youth from good homes are lured, groomed, exploited and trafficked.
  • -LGBTQ++, Youth in Care, Indigenous, Metis and First Nations Youth, Marginalized Youth are more susceptible to recruitment being victimized and trafficked or exploited.
  • Criminals victimizing youth can make between 250-350k per year per trafficked victim tax free
  • Minor aged victims suffer PTSD induced trauma equivalent to 2 tours of Afghanistan or with brain patterns resembling a prisoner of war requiring support and care that is costly and imperative
  • Over 98% of all trafficking involves girls.
  • Communities need to be aware it can happen to any demographic
  • Only 1% of trafficking is snatch and grab the rest is relational, coercive and psychological manipulation and emotional fraud

This is an open invitation for you, your family, friends, colleagues and coworkers to attend and celebrate the campaign finale at a local ONroute locations July 30th 9:20am sharp. You are asked to RSVP by clicking HERE or for more information, visit the Courage For Freedom website by clicking HERE.

July 30th join together and take photos, and meet others who are concerned and taking action to share information and knowledge about human sex trafficking safety.