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Published April 2019

A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores

Title: Code of Valor – Blue Justice

Author: Lynette Eason

ISBN-10: 0800727045
ISBN-13: 9780800727048

Publishing Date: January 1, 2019

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore.

Available in: Paperback

Reviews courtesy of: Goodreads


What Detective Brady St. John really needs is a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, just as the sun is setting on his second day at a friend's cabin on Lake Henley, he hears a scream and races to rescue a woman from her would-be killer. When the killer escapes only to return to finish the job, Brady vows to utilize all of his many resources to keep her safe—and catch those who would see her dead.

Financial crimes investigator Emily Chastain doesn't trust many people. And even though she let the detective who saved her life in on a few pertinent facts about why she was being attacked, there are some things you just don't share with a stranger. Little does she suspect that the secret she is keeping just might get them both killed

Cara Putman rated Code of Valor 4 out of 5 Stars
A tightly written romantic suspense. Packed with action and tension. Really enjoyed seeing the other St. John siblings as well.

Sarah Grace Grzy rated Code of Valor 4 out of 5 Stars
Code of Valor is one wild, crazy ride from page one until the end! I've been so looking forward to Brady's story, and it did not disappoint.

Our female MC, Emily, is a very complex character, and I greatly enjoyed her story. Eason touches on some very pertinent issues with her character, which I really liked. Brady seemed a little lacking in depth, but I still really liked his character.

The plot is convoluted and gripping, and the action doesn't stop. You will not be able to put this one down! This book might just be my favorite in the series. Also, can we talk about that gorgeous cover? All the covers in the series are just so gorgeous!

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this explosive release from Lynette Eason! Highly recommended!

CONTENT NOTE: Lots of violence, shootings, near-death situations, etc. Some romance, kissing, hugging, attraction, etc. (view spoiler) Recommended for ages 17+.

Andrea Cox rated Code of Valor 5 out of 5 Stars
Yet another amazing suspense story by Lynette Eason, and, yes, it stole my sleep! The surprises and twists kept me flipping pages way too late into the night, and I was able to finish this one up in only three days. The plot was wonderful and involved many different players and settings and events. I like how mysterious things were; there was definitely a vibe of secrecy going on throughout that intrigued me.

There were a couple of times I was being led to believe the leads were about to solve everything… but there was still half a book or a third of a book left, so I knew there had to be a huge twist coming. Still, I didn’t guess it until it smacked me upside the head. In that fashion, this book very much reminded me of Mrs. Eason’s first Revell series, Women of Justice, my favorite of her series until Blue Justice came around. I think I need to pull out those oldies to see how I feel they compare to this new and brilliant collection of books. May I just binge-read a ton of her stories right now?!

The faith thread seemed to arrive a little late, but it was a good one. I really enjoyed seeing the leads overcome their fears and challenges within their journeys of faith. The way the author entwined the two separate threads of faith was mesmerizing and encouraging, and that finale! Just you wait till you reach that point and see if your jaw doesn’t drop in humble surprise (okay, flat-out shock). It’s amazing, truly.

Fans of Dee Henderson’s O’Malley Chronicles and the TV show Blue Bloods will adore this series. Be sure to start from the beginning to get all caught up on the St. John family’s adventures!

Beth Erin rated Code of Valor 5 out of 5 Stars
Brady is a modern-day knight-in-shining-armor and I love that hardwired protective personality in a hero. His drive to rescue and shield makes him a successful detective/dive team member!

Emily is a numbers gal, cautious, and crazy smart. Her painful past has taught her to muscle through difficulties in order to accomplish what is necessary. Emily is the kind of character readers hope and cheer for!

The diving aspects of this story are completely fascinating but most of all, I am loving the St. John family dynamics! I highly recommend this entire series so far and encourage you to binge read them all!

Toni Shiloh rated Code of Valor 5 out of 5 Stars
Lynette Eason is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. When she says she has a book coming out, I’m already looking for the release date and anticipating getting the book in my hand. That was no different with Code of Valor.

From the opening scene, I was hooked. There was plenty of action in this novel, that kept me turning the pages and holding my breath. The romance was authentic and kept me enthralled as Emily and Brady tried to figure out if a relationship was worth the risk.

Caitlyn Santi rated Code of Valor 5 out of 5 Stars
What a fabulous third installment in the Blue Justice series! I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! From the first page I hated to stop reading. The suspense was phenomenal, and the story utterly enthralling, not that I expected anything less from a book by Lynette Eason! I love the St. John family, their dynamics and their banter always makes for many smiles and laughs, and Code of Valor was no exception! I was so excited to get Brady's story, he was such a fabulous hero and it was wonderful to watch his trust in God return throughout the course of the book! Emily was a wonderful heroine, I could relate so much to her insecurities and struggle to truly believe that she was made in God's image and that He loved her unconditionally no matter what size she wore, that message touched my heart so deeply that I plan to reread it many times in the future, and I adored the tender way Brady helped Emily to see how beautiful she was! The scuba diving aspect of the story was great, and so fabulously described that I felt like I was experiencing it vicariously while reading! Code of Valor is yet another Lynette Eason book that has a permanent spot on my keeper shelf! I would say each book in this series can stand alone, but I highly recommend you read them all, as you won't want to miss a moment of the total awesomeness that is the Blue Justice series! I can't wait for Linc's story!

Susan Snodgrass rated Code of Valor 5 out of 5 Stars
'I am loved. I am God's. I am made in His image and I will not feel ashamed.'

I am thoroughly enjoying Lynette Eason's 'Blue Justice' series. The St. John family of law enforcement are totally intriguing. This one features Brady St. John, who is enjoying two weeks of much needed vacation when he hears a scream out on the lake by the cabin he's staying in. Of course, he investigates and finds a woman thrown off a boat, who would have been killed had he not been there and taken action. Emily has been kidnapped, but hasn't any idea what the kidnappers want from her. From here on in, the story races, full of suspense and non-stop action. The previous books featuring the St. John daughters were great, but these St. John men...boy, they make great heroes.

Eason is at her finest here with a plot that lets no clue for the reader. I tried with all my might to figure out what was going on, but was still completely surprised at the culprit and the reasoning behind their madness. Bravo! I can't wait for the next book!

Virginia Campbell rated Code of Valor 5 out of 5 Stars
The "Blue Justice Series" from author Lynette Eason features the St. Johns--a large, close-knit family whose members serve in law enforcement. Book 3 in the series, "Code of Valor", is Brady St. John's story, and what a story it is! The second day of detective Brady St. John's much-needed vacation turns into a criminal investigation when he must rescue a beautiful woman from armed attackers. Renting a friend's cabin at Lake Henley for two weeks had seemed like a good idea, but the cries of a person in peril had quickly brought his lawman instincts to the forefront. Emily Chastain, a financial crimes investigator for a bank, has stirred up a dangerous hornet's nest with her findings. Eluding the determined assailants had not been easy, and Brady vows to keep Emily safe and bring the criminals to justice. With his formidable law-enforcement family to aid him in his quest, he stands a good chance of bringing down the bad guys--but can he protect his own wary heart from falling for Emily? A top-notch entry in a highly-recommended inspirational romantic suspense series from the talented Lynette Eason.

Teresa Snyder rated Code of Valor 4 out of 5 Stars
Enjoyable series —- however, it would be better if prior characters had more interaction with current characters.

Suzie Waltner rated Code of Valor 3 out of 5 Stars
For those who have been following the St. John siblings in Lynette Eason’s Blue Justice series, it’s Brady’s turn. This time, he falls into his situation while on a much needed vacation.

As usual, Eason’s main focus is on the investigation with a few romantic moments in the mix. I appreciated Emily’s strong faith set against Brady’s doubt and questions. Both characters are easy to like and connect with.

There is a lot happening in this one. The book even opens with a different character than Emily or Brady, and at times, there are almost too many bad guys at cross-purposes. Add to that the St. John brood, some dive team members (fans of Lynn H. Blackburn’s Dive Team Investigations series will recognize a few friends), and readers who are new to this series are apt to find themselves a bit lost from time to time.

Thankfully, I’ve read the other Blue Justice Books (as well as the Blackburn’s books), so keeping track of most of the characters wasn’t a huge issue. And while this was an enjoyable, entertaining read, it wasn’t my favorite in the series. But that’s okay because there are two more single St. John brothers!