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Author: Mike Wilkins

ISBN-10: 1773709763
ISBN-13: 78-1773709765

Publishing Date: MAY 28, 2018

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore.

Available in: Paperback


Four Forty-Four was published just days before Mike passed away on June 10th, after a lengthy battle with cancer. This is the third book penned by Mike and the following introduction was written by him.

This is the DEDICATION I wrote for this book.

To my good brother in Christ and faithful friend Ray Majoran, who made the suggestion.

And this is the story behind that suggestion. One day (just after the release of Glory in the Face, in 2016), Ray and I were having lunch at a restaurant where we often met. There, without a warning, Ray said to me, “I have an idea for your next book. You should call it Four Forty-Four, and explain why you always get up at that time—and all the other quirky things about how you live and what you believe.”

In the first place, I thought it would be fun to write such a book. But before very long, my thoughts on the subject morphed to “fun, yes, but inexcusably self-indulgent.” Following that, a sense of revulsion at the self-indulgence of it all took root within me. And once it was full-grown, I hated the whole idea with a great hatred. But 2017 brought me a new series of “lows” in my day-to-day health, and also days when I had only a very few minutes of “writing energy.” So then, the “4:44 project” began to seem ideally suited to such a time of life, since a good number of the “bits” and “pieces” that such a book might feature would only require a few minutes of energy and creativity to write. So I settled into a pattern of making use of those short bursts of health and strength. And the book began to take form.

As I continued with this project, I began to see in it a resemblance to the book that was compiled shortly after the death of the great Robert Murray M’Cheyne—compiled by his good friend, Andrew A. Bonar, also a Scottish Presbyterian minister, and every inch M’Cheyne’s “kindred spirit.” Mr. Bonar bundled up his late good friend’s sermon outlines, poems, essays, letters to parishioners, and to various editors on a number of topics of the day, and other samples of what an outstanding man M’Cheyne was, and published it as The Memoirs and Remains of the Reverend Robert Murray M’Cheyne.

And so, as I wrote in the Foreword to this compilation, “On the off-chance that when I die someone will think about collecting my ‘remains,’ I have compiled these bits and pieces of my personal life and pastoral ministry, to save that person the trouble.’ I do hope that person appreciates it.

Reader Reviews

What other have to say about Four Forty-Four
Dr. Bruce W. Longenecker is Professor of Early Christianity and the Melton Chair of Religion at Baylor University (Texas). He is the author of a number of books, including Thinking Through Paul (Zondervan), The Lost Letters of Pergamum (Baker Academic) and In Stone and Story: A Pompeian Introduction to the Roman Setting of Early Christianity (Baker Academic).

“Mike Wilkins has long been one of my few heroes in life. In this heroic and engaging book, Mike accesses the wisdom of his own heroes, processes it through his own vigorous engagement with life, and articulates it in fresh and refreshing ways for today. Enjoyable and challenging at the same time, his holistic reflections leave no area of life untouched. Be blessed: read this book of pragmatic theological wisdom.”

Rev. Sunder Krishnan served as the Preaching Pastor of Rexdale Alliance Church (in Toronto), from 1980-2016, and was its Senior Pastor since 1996. He is the author of several books, including The Conquest of Inner Space: Finding Peace in a Chaotic World,Loving God with All You’ve Got, Catching the Wind of the Spirit, and Hijacked by Glory: From the Pew to the Nations.

“Outside of the Bible, good books have been my major source of wisdom when it comes to following Jesus in the daily, unspectacular and inescapable dimensions of life. These books have played the role of the proverbial ‘three square meals a day.’ But we humans are also inveterate ‘snackers’–hence the many guidelines for healthy snacking. However, the literary equivalents of the latter are hard to find—especially when it comes to the pursuit of God. Mike Wilkins FOUR FORTY-FOUR and other Bits and Pieces fits the bill admirably—a most enjoyable and insightful companion to GLORY IN THE FACE.”

Dr. Carolyn Weber is an award-winning author, speaker and professor. Her books include Surprised by Oxford (HarperCollins 2011) and Holy is the Day (IVP 2013).

“With Wilkins’ wisdom, wit and infectious joy, set your clock to God Time. Along with God’s grace, Wilkins bits and pieces help to make us whole. A refreshing re-set of a read!”