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London Area Right to Life
The President’s Message

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By Michael Hale

My dear pro-lifers.

What tumultuous times we live in today! I apologize in advance for the lengthiness of this message. There are a lot of things to cover this time.

London Area Right to Life was created to educate the people within our region on matters affecting the lives of humans. Most term our efforts as “pro-life”. Over the years we have been fortunate to give presentations in the Catholic and Public schools in our area. We have had a booth at The Western Fair every summer for over 40 years. We have held an annual dinner where a critical topic relating to Life issues has been presented. Currently we have two pro-life billboards up and we are in process of designing our next set. We are all about education.

In that vein, I am constantly surprised when I talk to people about the abortion issue, that most people are totally ignorant of the realities surrounding the issue. Take the Pill for instance. Many do not know that it is an abortifacient. It works to kill a baby before it even has a chance to start growing. Women on the Pill may not even know they are aborting their baby. Some don’t know that the new morning after pill (RU-486) is also an abortifacient. It kills a baby. Many believe that abortions in Canada are restricted to the first 20 weeks. When I tell them that Canada has NO law regarding abortion, allowing mothers to kill their babies right up to the point where the baby has been born, but the umbilical cord has not been cut, they are truly surprised.

Another point of ignorance are the many studies linking the Pill to breast cancer. With the dramatic rise in breast cancer over the past few decades, one would think that identifying something that is a big precursor would raise some alarm bells. Unfortunately their studies are swept under the carpet and ignored. And don’t get me started on the mental health issues related to post abortive women.

Did you know that recently, our current federal government has changed the rules surrounding the Canada Summer Grants Program? Anyone wishing to apply for funds must agree to a statement that their “core mandate” is to promote women’s reproductive health issues. In laymen’s speak: their core mandate must be to promote abortion.

Tens of thousands of people across our country have voiced their disgust at this manipulation and coercion being practiced by the government. In Ontario over 80 organizations have written a joint letter of protest over this action. Our federal government has responded by discounting the concern, going so far as to stating that the right to abortion is guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I encourage ALL of you to go and read it. (Click HERE) NOWHERE in that document is the right to abortion specified. I suspect they hope by stating this falsehood repeatedly, the lemmings that make up the population of Canada will believe it so. After all, the government would not lie to them…. would they? Simply put; this is a direct attack on our freedoms enshrined within the Charter. Make no mistake; success in this will only embolden them to do more.

Our provincial government is no better. Last year they enacted a law which has contrived to limit our rights to free assembly, free speech, and freedom of belief. The newly implemented bubble zone law came into effect on February 1st. This law was un-necessary as laws already exist concerning harassment. So why did they do it? I have my suspicions.

It just seems that us pro-lifers are being hammered back and forth. Should that bother us? No! It should just make us more resolute.

Martin Luther King Jr. was for civil rights for many minorities and I believe that we pro-lifers are a minority in our day and age. He believed that peaceful protest would be more effective at converting hearts. He said: “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.

Based on all that is happening around us, these are definitely times of challenge and controversy. We need to remain constant. The culture of death thinks that they are winning, but in reality they are on their last legs. These draconian measures will awaken the sleeping giant of people who have for too long let complacency rule their lives.

There have been amazing men and women stand up for life through the years, fearlessly speaking the truth. And then we have seen many so called Christians, Catholic Christians at that, who promote death through pushing abortion – at home and abroad, it can be infuriating.

St. John Paul II was so impressive – clear and concise in his supporting the pro-life cause. His Theology of The Body refuted the concept that free love, set women free. In fact, the sexual revolution destroyed women’s worth and turned them into things to be used by men. And men to be used by women too. We see the fruit of this “revolution” in the knee jerk reaction that is the #METOO issue. These women are mad because they have been abused – and I agree they should be mad – but to what extent has the decline of moral values due to the sexual revolution had to do with this worsening situation?

Mother Teresa, whose quiet demeanor drew people to her, stood up in front of the United Nations in 1985, quoted in this transcript of January 14, 2004 and told all of them that killing their children through abortion was killing any opportunity for peace in our world. She said;

“ today I feel that abortion has become the greatest destroyer of peace. We are afraid of the nuclears, because it is touching us, but we are not afraid, the mother is not afraid to commit that terrible murder. Even when God Himself speaks of that, He says “even if mother could forget her child, I will not forget you. I have carved you on the palm of my hand, you are precious to me, I love you.” These are God’s own words to you, to me, to that little unborn child. And this is why if we really want peace, if we are sincere in our hearts that we really want peace, today, let us make that strong resolution that in our countries, in our cities, we will not allow a single child to feel unwanted, to feel unloved, to throw away a society. And let us help each other to strengthen that. That in our countries that terrible law of killing the innocents, of destroying life, destroying the presence of God, be removed from our country, from our nation, from our people, from our families.”

Clearly the world is not at peace. I suspect a lot of that has to do with the culture of death.

Now, we may not ever rise to the prominence of Martin Luther King Jr. or St. John Paul II, or Mother Teresa, however our witness to Life can be equally as effective at converting hearts and winning this war with the culture of death.

I was contacted by the CBC on Feb 1st to get my reaction to the implementation of the bubble zone law. They asked me a few slanted questions like: “Do we (LARTLA) carry out a protest at London Health Sciences?”.

My answer was we hold a prayer vigil outside LHSC where we pray for a conversion of hearts and for those hurt by abortion. I never heard the broadcast to know how my words were warped, I trust that God will ensure our message was heard.

The lie of abortion is that it frees women. The truth of abortion is that it frees men of responsibility for their actions. The lie of abortion has been told to the women so much that they think that they are only dealing with their own bodies: “my body, my choice”. The science is clear; the baby in their womb is not “their body”. The state has failed us in allowing this terrible atrocity to happen.

There have been over four million babies killed in their mother’s womb since the law restricting abortion was struck down. The Supreme Court advised the Canadian Parliament to enact another law. Unfortunately in the 30 years since this ruling, the politicians in Ottawa have been afraid to hold a rational debate on the subject. They are all too afraid to stand up and be counted. They perceive any discussion that may even faintly involve affecting the status of free and open murder of babies in the womb is something to run away from. They are deathly afraid to voice a dissenting opinion on the culture of death. Just look at the number of Ontario parliamentarians who stayed away from the vote on the bubble zone law. Only one dissenting vote was made and 18 MPPs chose to be absent from the vote, many of them known to be “pro-life”.

In the past number of years, motions have been put forward in parliament to revise the definition of a human being. Currently, a human being is defined in Canada as someone who has fully exited the birth canal and had the umbilical cord cut. This law was enacted over 400 years ago. Science has eclipsed this outdated definition. This definition allows things like sex-selective abortion to occur where girl babies are killed just because they are girls and the mother and father want boys. How twisted are our politicians? When a motion was made in the legislature to censure this activity, it was rejected by the majority of legislators.

Recently the group We Need A Law issued a press release proposing a law designed to limit abortion in Canada. This law is based upon the gestational approach to limiting abortion. The law they propose would limit abortions after 13 weeks. Many in the pro-life movement see this as a victory. Some would believe that anything that would limit abortion in Canada would be good. And while I share the desire to limit abortion, we in good conscious cannot support anything that implies acceptance of any abortion. There are ways to limit abortion that won’t compromise our stand that all life is sacred. To support this type of legislation would be to licitly accept abortions up to 13 weeks, which is unacceptable. We do not see a difference between a baby at 13 weeks and one at 14. We cannot support this law.

I could go on and on, but what I really want you to take away from this message, is that we must continue to stand up for our rights and to proclaim the truth without fear. To be steadfast!

There is a lot of great stuff in this newsletter for you to read and I hope you enjoy it. Our Gala is coming up in a month and we have a great topic this year, one that everyone needs to be informed about. Our Annual General Meeting will be a week after the Gala and we will be showing the movie Hush. I encourage all of you to come out and see this very moving testimony.

God bless you all. As always, if you can see it in your heart to send a donation our way to help us continue this necessary work, please do so with our most humble thanks.