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From The Christian Life in London Family

During this time, we see wonderful signs, bumper stickers and even label pins with phrases such as...

"It's OK to say Merry Christmas to me"
"Keep Christmas about Christ"
"Joy to the world! The Lord has come"
"Christ - the reason for the season"
"Don't forget Christ in Christmas"
"Celebrate the ultimate gift of Jesus's birth"
"Christ brings a light into this dark world"

These are reminders to us all that, no matter how busy our lives are with work and with family, we really have no choice but to give time everyday to think, pray, read and love Jesus Christ.

Humbug to anyone that claims that it is more politically correct to wish someone "Happy Holidays" than it is to say "Merry Christmas"! To Christians is there any better phase to shout out than Merry Christmas? No!

Retailers along with VISA and MasterCard are very merry this time of year. Average holiday spending across Canada is expected to be $885 per person on everything from gifts to turkey and wine this year. Remember the Sears Wish Book, the kids most loved book each year? (It is still published by the way, available at the stores or by order.) The days of the Wish Book pages of "Gifts Under $10" are long gone, replaced by "Gifts Under $100".

Still, it is fun to look back on Wish Books from the past. Look at these pages from the 1969 edition. A lot of "Oh I remember those", and, when looking at the lawn darts..."What a great idea, let's give our kids a projectile that has a sharp point and designed to throw with precision!"

If you would like to see the complete 1969 Sears Wish Book, click HERE.

If you remember those, how about these? Talk about political correctness!


We wish to thank our readers, our editorial contributors and our adverting partners for making 2015 such a success for Christian Life in London. This e-publication continues to grow every month since it was first launched in February 2012.

This marks our 47th edition completed and we are looking forward to the articles, interviews, stories and contests of 2016 as we continue to deliver inspiring and engaging information to the Christian community of London.

Glory to God in the Highest! May the blessings of God’s special gifts be yours this Christmas and in the New Year.

The Christian Life in London Family