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Linda Rempel lives in London with her husband. She has 5 grown children, 1 grandson and 1 granddaughter. When all 5 of her children had left the nest, her question of "Now what?" was answered as she discovered ...God already had a plan for her.

Linda's story...

If you had asked me 10 years ago what I thought I would be doing in 10 years, any kind of art, commissioned or otherwise would never have been on the list!

As my 5 children grew into adulthood and one by one were leaving home for lives of their own the question of what I was to do with my time loomed larger and larger. As a stay-at-home mum for over 20 years I had invested all of my energies, interests and time into my family, and was now feeling quite directionless, but of course, God already had a plan for me.

I really never gave any thought to drawing and painting until about 2006. I had taken the requisite art courses back in school but never did very well. That spring, while I was doing a rough sketch of the yard for some garden ideas, my son Alex commented that he didn’t know I could draw and asked why I had never pursued art. My immediate response was “What! I can’t draw!” Still, his words resonated in me and weeks later, on a whim, I picked up a drawing book from our local craft store and away I went!

I spent much of the next 3 years drawing anything and everything. I did my first portrait in 2009 and with each successive one I was at times overwhelmed with the sense that I was not the one guiding the pencil; I started to feel I was discovering something God wanted me to.

I continued drawing, using old school portraits and faces from the Internet as reference material, but still only my family knew what I was doing. In the summer of 2011 the family convinced me to enter some pieces in the Western Fair Fine Arts competition and to my surprise I came home with two firsts and a third. In November of the same year, again with my family’s encouragement I participated in London Christian Academy’s fall fundraising bazaar. My first reaction was to quail at the thought of drawing in public, but they convinced me it was for a good cause, and I was officially “out of the closet”! I had an incredible time sharing my art and story with people; I was able to contribute to the school event and actually got several commissions!

In early 2012, my husband suggested that it would be a wonderful gift to new parents in our church to draw portraits of their new babies for them. When I approached the nursery coordinator she suggested we hang them in the nursery for a while before giving them to the parents, and our ‘Nursery Wall’ was born. Last year (2013) I was asked to create a series of drawings based on the Stations of the Cross to hang in our church for Easter. The process of working through Jesus’ last days with my pencil had quite an impact on my Easter experience and what a joy it was to share it with my church family.

These days I continue to enjoy working at summer and fall festivals and love to contribute my work to charity fundraisers; and as our church family grows our ‘Nursery Wall’ gets a constant supply of new portraits. I do some commissioned portrait work and other graphite and coloured pencil pieces and also enjoy teaching from my home studio.

More recently I have been accepted as a resident artist into the Art Gallery of Lambeth and am looking forward to what the Lord has for me to do there. God has been so faithful in this new adventure in my life, encouraging me through others in many ways. It has been such a scary, wonderful experience to be able to use this gift from Him to minister to and encourage others within my church family and beyond.

I am learning that it is never too late to start something new and different and that if God drops something into your lap as suddenly as He did this, then one has no choice but to jump in and go for it!


Please visit the website link below and feel free to email her if you are interested in having her do a portrait for you.

Web site:
Phone: 519-851-5739