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In this first of the series of features articles, we introduce you to the Power to Change and their eleven ministries. Who is (are) the Power to Change

Over 40 Years of Ministry

When Bill Bright founded Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951 on the campus of UCLA, he did so on one basic principle: to boldly proclaim the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God. Campus Crusade for Christ Canada (now Power to Change) was founded on this same vision with Josh McDowell in 1967 on the campus of UBC.

Power to Change seeks to glorify God by making a maximum contribution toward helping to fulfil the Great Commission in Canada and around the world by developing movements of evangelism and discipleship.

On a quest.

People everywhere are searching for purpose, understanding, success, significance, and love. The pivotal moments of our lives are defined by this search. It motivates the words we say and the decisions we make. But does it ever really satisfy? Maybe what we’re really searching for is the purpose for which we were created: relationship with our Creator.

God longs for us to know Him. And He made a way for us to seek Him and to find Him. Jesus Christ. The eternal God became a man, was beaten, brutalized, crucified – so that you and I could know Him and have life. His initiative is so compelling it inspires a response. And if you just turn around, you will discover that He has been there the whole time, pursuing you.

"If you seek him, he will be found by you."
~ 1 Chronicles 28:9

We live to know Him.

To experience the power of the Holy Spirit is to follow the example of Jesus Himself. As you step out in the power of the Holy Spirit to tell others about Jesus, God transforms you, makes you bold, and works in powerful ways that are nothing short of miraculous.

Helping others to discover Jesus Christ is the outward expression of the inward transformation that He brings about in each of our lives. When we allow His Spirit to work through us and empower us, we experience relationship with Him at a deeper level. And every day, as we take steps of faith and surrender to Him, we are becoming more and more like Jesus.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."~ Romans 15:13

Within Power to Change there are eleven unique ministries all with one common purpose: to help people engage in Faith Adventures to transform their lives, impact their communities, and change the world with the message of Jesus Christ.

In this introduction to Power to change, let us tell you a little about each of these eleven ministries.

Athletes in Action Sport is a way of life. It unites cultures and transcends values. Athletes in Action is working at the amateur, varsity and professional levels of sport around the world to encourage players and coaches to discover a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sports camps and community leagues are also great ways to help kids build their confidence and make a difference in local communities.

Breakthrough Prayer Ministry Whether you've only done it when you’ve needed help, or you begin each day with that divine conversation, prayer is a powerful dialogue.

Breakthrough is helping people connect with God through interactive prayer resources, prayer groups and rallies. Join a Breakthrough group to experience transformational prayer and take an active role in God’s plan for your life.

Christian Embassy They have enough critics. Even those on Parliament Hill need a little encouragement. Christian Embassy forges friendships with diplomatic, business and government leaders in Canada and around the world to share the love of God.

Through dinners, ambassador tours and trips abroad, Christian Embassy is a source of information and encouragement for our nation's leaders who want to learn more about God.

Connecting Streams Women inspired for influence. Connecting Streams is passionate about seeing volunteers empowered and fully engaged in reaching their world.

Using an updated resource called The Compass, our volunteers are inviting others to discover God and see Him transform lives in places like prisons and senior care homes.

Drime This gives new meaning to street ministry. Performing choreographed drama to music, Disciples Ready in Mobile Evangelism (DRIME), is creating the need for God on city streets around the world.

Spontaneous audiences gather to watch, curious about "the man in white" - Jesus Christ. Let’s just say, it sparks a conversation or two about God. Training seminars and international trips also give people a creative outlet to share their faith in God.

FamilyLife Ah, relationships...They're complicated, aren't they? But nothing impacts our lives more than our family relationships.

Through seminars, online resources, and marriage and parenting conferences, FamilyLife Canada is addressing the real needs of families by sharing God's blueprint for relationships and displaying real hope for transformation. We're seeing families thrive!

GAiN People are suffering every day. Let's help. With clean water, food, shelter, and medical help, we can bring hope and healing to people around the world.

Global Aid Network (GAiN) demonstrates the love of God to people who are hurting. Through well drilling projects, international disaster response, and projects that promote sustainable development, lives are being changed!

Intercultural Network It's all about connection. Take a look around. Chances are, your community is a network of cultures, languages and religions.

Intercultural Network is crossing cultures to inspire leaders to discover and experience the power of Jesus Christ, bringing positive change to their personal and professional lives - and to their communities. It's leaders helping leaders through forums, training, interactive resources and community initiatives.

JESUS Film Church Planting Millions have watched it. Millions have been transformed. For over 30 years, the JESUS Film has been giving people around the globe a chance to hear the story of Jesus in their own language.

Recording teams travel to remote towns to capture the film’s dialogue, while technicians fit the words to the picture. The film is shown in prominent and remote places around the world, giving people the opportunity to meet Jesus.

Leader Impact Group There is more to life than the bottom line. Being successful is great, but living a life of significance is even better.

Leader Impact group is helping marketplace leaders discover the relevance of faith in their professional and personal lives through dynamic training, forums, small groups, and international adventures. Learn from and connect with other successful leaders who have struggled with life issues and questions like yours.

Power to Change - Students It's a higher education. Thousands of dollars are spent on tuition and textbooks, meanwhile the deepest questions of life go unanswered.

Power to Change - Students is mobilizing university students to engage in spiritual conversations, to personally experience life transformation and to inspire others to impact the world through outreaches, small groups and international projects.

TruthMedia You can't always see a heart that's breaking. Sometimes the people that need help the most are silent. But what they won't say out loud, they will talk about online.

Through mentoring and chat, TruthMedia is there when people are ready to talk. Every month, hundreds of thousands of people are connected to someone that can help them. Articles, chats and email mentoring help people to discover Jesus and grow in a deeper relationship with Him.

In the next edition of Christian Life in London, we will be speaking with member of the team at Power to Changes as we provide insight into their mission to provide all with the tools to proclaim the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.