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I love Christmas, the meaning of it for us as Christians that God became a man that God's own precious Son was placed in a human womb. The creator of ALL life was being created. Thinking of God as a baby, with 10 little fingers 10 little toes, a toothless grin, born in pretty rough circumstances, He was unplanned, born in poverty in a stable, with his mother living with the judgement of society on her shoulders, yet his earthly mama loved him with all her heart, she nursed him, cradled him, and raised him. How incredible is that?

Mary's circumstances were similar to many of our clients- the unplanned pregnancy, giving birth in poverty, having the judgement of society on their shoulders and yet wanting to pour all the love they have onto their child to the best of their ability. It’s easy sometimes to judge a single mom, particularly when she is so young with the future uncertain, and struggling to get by. A positive pregnancy test can be overwhelming, and not only for the mother. It also presents a challenge to those of us at LCPC. We care for all concerned, and sometimes find ourselves praying for new avenues of support for the mother, child/children and family involved, who require our care and support at many levels. These families are more than mere clients; they become friends who look to us for strength in many scenarios, and allow us the blessing of helping them walk through what may be a challenging season of life.

Even in these past six months, we have been involved in the adoption process, have served in a liaison capacity in custody issues, provided referral service in cases of addiction, and have intervened to provide shelter and housing where necessary. Part of our role is also to assist our clients with financial guidance. Along with our Doula, we have been called upon to be present and available for labour and delivery and the transitions that implies.

We are continually grateful to provide our STEP (Parenting Program) and GRIP (Spiritual Support Program). Every Thursday evening, you can find sixty of us gathered together at Open Door Fellowship Church having dinner and sharing life experiences and God's love. This group continues to grow, and all those involved are enriched by being London a part of this unique and diverse family.

All of us at LCPC thank God for the privilege of coming alongside these precious women and their families. We have come to witness the truth that with the most simplistic concept of unconditional love, profound life changes can take place. We desire to model the example of Jesus’ appearance on this earth...simple, uncomplicated, and ever-present. May you be blessed with His vision for the part that you might play in this ministry.

On behalf of our entire LCPC family, Merry Christmas and may God expand the horizon of your service for His Glory.

Peace and Joy.
Lori Bethel
Executive Director
London Crisis Pregnancy Centre