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Photo by Rene Bernal on Unsplash

You asked for it and Courage for Freedom continues to grow the movement to end the buying and selling of girls and boys, children in Canada #ProjectMapleLeaf


You asked for it, and we continue to grow the movement to end the buying and selling of girls and boys, children in Canada. #ProjectMapleLeaf signs and participation continue year round.

Here is what else we are up to:
  • School curriculum consultation across Ontario, Provinces and Territories
  • Victims of Sex Crimes Regional participants training specializing in Corrections and Probation and Parole
  • Coalition Development consultations
  • Government experts whose intel and information is necessary for bill and legislative input
  • Challenge commitments and completion of strategies and resourcing for survivors
  • Continuing the demand for unilateral care and supports as unique and independent of other like issues

Why do we continue to work in all areas?

Because victim/survivor experiences need a voice to enact change – not just agency representation, organizational consider – but direct focus and leadership. Minor aged survivors and those under 25 are the highest demographic affected and their access to representation ensures we are working ahead and not behind the issues. We can no longer do research and make decisions on yesterday’s news and trends. Current responses are the only way to get ahead.

This is why our direct supports keep current the reality of what is need to understand those ideas, laws and responses that are most effective, least stigmatizing and leading.

Here is what girls are saying:

"There were too many hoops to try and leave, I wasn’t going into another hotel or filling out more forms. I just needed a bed and a meal. Period." -Anonymous

"I couldn’t make a decision. I didn’t want to be filmed for evidence. Everyone kept saying it was my choice, but they didn’t understand it was way too much to start with. Kelly listened and met me at my place, didn’t judge my dishes in the sink or anything else. It took four months to start to trust her, and then I was ready to ask for help. Bless you at CFF for not leaving me alone – like had happened over and over after promises to me were broken. I’m doing better.." -19 Year old


Since we continue to answer the call to support victim/survivors who fall outside the capacity to work with government agencies, and others – we say yes until they can. Yes means following is needed:
  • Monthly donations equals a year of giving instead of hours fundraising, making us more available
  • Feed, veterinary and daily care for our horses that heal need financial contributions
  • Transportation money can be donated, or by way of gas cards
  • Food, healthy nutrition and basic care money can be donated of by way of grocery cards
  • Clothing and emergency support money can be donated or by Walmart, winners, giant tiger cards
  • Heat, hydro, phone service, and more in safe housing can only be supported with financial gifts
  • Office staff support for their salaries and work can only be supported with financial gifts
  • Groceries, medical and over the counter medication can be donated, or by Shoppers Drug Mart cards

Project Maple Leaf extends ProjectOnRoute, an initiative of a 16 year old survivor of human trafficking (commercial sexual exploitation). Project Maple Leaf, supported by Courage 4 Freedom (, is taking the next step in bringing greater awareness to human trafficking in Canada. On July 30th 2021, the UN recognizes “World Day to End Human Trafficking” and Project Maple Leaf takes a bold new direction in the fight of child exploitation. As Kelly Tallon Franklin (Chief Executive Director – Courage for Freedom) so aptly stated “we need to stop fishing downstream and move up stream to stop the exploitation of children by johns.”

Support and bring awareness to Project Maple Leaf by participating in #EradicateChallenge. Download one of the attached documents, take a picture of you with it and share it across your social media and contacts. Invite others in your social and business network to join this initiative and take a picture and share on their social media.

Courage for Freedom
PO Box 414, Station Main
Chatham, ON N7M 5K5