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A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores

Title: The Tipping Point - The End Is Here

Author: Jimmy Evans, Max Lucado br />
Genre: Christian – Non Fiction br />
Publishing Date: July 2020 br />
Availability in London: Creation Bookstore. br />
Available in: Paperback br />

The prophetic clock is ticking. We are living in tumultuous times. From corrupt world politics to global pandemics to an unprecedented rebellion against God and His Word, humanity has reached a critical stage. What happens next? In this eye-opening book, Jimmy Evans examines biblical prophecies about the end times and points to their unmistakable parallels with today’s world. With clear, insightful analysis of Scripture, he answers many common questions, such as: Are we living in the end times?
  • How should Believers respond to increasing immorality?
  • Will Christians go through the Tribulation?
  • What role does Israel play in God’s prophetic plan?
  • Are COVID-19 and other world events announcing the imminent return of Jesus?

Ultimately, Tipping Point will help you understand current events with confidence. There is no going back, but hope and peace are possible as God’s plan unfolds and we approach the end of the age. Jimmy Evans is senior pastor of Gateway Church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and holds an honorary doctorate of literature from The King’s University. In addition to authoring more than seventeen books, Jimmy has studied eschatology for more than 45 years and is passionate about helping believers find hope, peace, and encouragement in the Word of God.

Reader Reviews

David Kemp gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
The good news is that I grew up hearing about the soon return of Jesus Christ. The bad news was there were dozens of theories on how and when this would happen. Finally, I begin to tune out the heated debates and settled for being a "pan-millenniallist" (In the end, it would all pan out.)

But with the ever-increasing unsettledness and uncertainty in our world, I have a growing conviction, that perhaps this really may be the "last days."

Enter Jimmy Evans and his book, "Tipping Point: The End is Here."
Pastor Evans presents a biblical case for the soon return of Jesus Christ while resisting the temptation of so many end times preachers and authors to venture into wild speculation and sensationalism.

If like me, you have a growing suspicion that Jesus really is coming soon, then you will be informed, instructed, and encouraged by this well-written book.

Michelle DeVries gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 1 out of 5 stars
This single star represents a gold medal in jumping to conclusions. Jimmy Evans's logical leaps and bounds will amaze and boggle the intellect!

Faye M. Ensley gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
Peace out of chaos
This book helps bring understanding and peace into your life during a chaotic
Time in our nation. Builds your faith -- God is in control!

Charlie Ulm gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 4 out of 5 stars
For the most part, I buy into the fact that we are in the last days of the end times. Some of the minor details and interpretations I’m a little iffy on, such as the astronomical/astrological prophecies. But I do like that Evans grounds the book in actual biblical Scripture and adheres to the true Doctrines of Christianity. I prepared for the possibility this book would be some mystical, faux Christian scheme, but thankfully this book does not fit that mold. I asked God for discernment while reading so that I wouldn’t simply fall for anything that is false, but I didn’t feel that vibe at all from it. And the end of the book inspired me to actually get baptized (even though it’s not required for salvation, obviously), but I still think it’s something important that would strengthen my faith and convey to the church that I’m serious about following Jesus. If not thoroughly convincing, the book definitely inspires me to continue to strengthen my relationship with Jesus and live a more obedient and intentional life for Him, and to be ready at any moment for His imminent return. I’m glad Evans does not mention a date of return for Jesus in this book, but understands that nobody will know the day or the hour. But one thing is certain: His return is closer than it has ever been before.

Bill Mcgrath gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
Loved the book and the way Jimmy Evans took such a difficult book, Revelations and made it clear and easy to follow and understand. While reading this book, two others kept creeping into mind. 1st was the Harbinger because while reading that one I had to keep looking up the events in the book because I really couldn't believe they were true. Now that book was fiction, but "Tipping Point" is what we are actually living in today, real tangible things. During this read, I also had to "google" the events that the author was talking about to confirm them. It's unbelievable how God gives us signs every day and SOOOOO many people choose not to believe or chalk it up to coincidence (Matthew 13:9-16). The other comparison I felt while reading this book was anything written by Francis Chan. He gives you the truth and always really challenges you. Most of the time I have to take a real hard look at myself after reading his stuff. I almost feel like I'm not a Christian after reading Chan. And thats exactly the point. Time is short, and what are you doing with it. Thanks Jimmy Evans for helping me understand Revelation more clearly. Highly recommend.

Stephanie Weisgerber gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 4 out of 5 stars
I was given this book by my Father-In- Law last week and devoured it! Jimmy Evans covers so much prophecy in this book in an easy to read simple format that even my kids could understand.

I particularly liked how he weaved Psalm 2 into our current time period and Revelations, as this is something God recently revealed to me as well....connecting the “ruling all nations with a rod of iron” in Psalm 2 which is also spoken of in Rev. 12 in the mysterious vision in the stars John saw.

Evans puts forth an argument for a 6000 year human lifespan on earth before the rapture (pre-trib) and states the final 1000 years will be the milennial reign of Christ. Going by the Jewish calendar, we are very close to 6000 years on Earth at this point in 2020.

Giants, the flood, trans humanism, RFID chips, coronavirus, Israel, and many other topics are simply and powerfully described and put in prophetic order in this book. Highly recommend for anyone interested in eschatology and the coming rapture/tribulation time period quickly approaching.

Lyle Place gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
If you want a spiritual reawakening, this is a gramophone blasting loudly to the ears of all Christian believers that the end truly is coming. But as its message is clear, it doesn't bring with it a trepidation, but a cleansing peace. Im thankful to a family member who gave this loan out to me. I needed this. My soul needed this. But as with all books of faith, it is not a substitute for the Bible, but is a great book for those seeking the Lord and want to live a life of righteousness.

Jermaine Cantu gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
I have been fortunate enough to hear Pastor Jimmy Evans preach end times sermons live in person while he was the senior pastor at Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo. Now that he works at Gateway, we don’t get him in person as much but still closely follow his teachings. This book was extremely timely for 2020. I have never seen a pastor who explains end times events and prophecies better than Pastor Evans. This book was so good and full of such amazing information, I think I will read it again in 2021. Pick this book up, you won’t be disappointed!

Dean Harrington gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
Pretty basic breakdown of how and why Evans predicts we are living in end-times. This topic is always interesting and surrounded with doubt and ridicule, even by strong believers.

At times, Evans sounds like every generations 'end 0f times' prophet, but if we simply look around and match-up the teachings in this book there are some arguments to be made.

The book is not overly deep or complex, nor worldly and cartoonisth, as this subject sometimes can be. It's quite simple and straight-forward.

Vanessa R Kendall gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars

Jimmy Evans breaks down the End of Days to where anyone can understand the signs and seasons we are in. I had heard this message as a series in our church but still bought the book to refresh myself. He draws wisdom and a multitude of scripture to support his beliefs and to educate Christians. It's a wonderful reminder that no matter what lies ahead God is good, He is full of grace, and Jesus is coming for the Church.

Tammy McNally gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
I have been a subscriber of the Tipping Point letters for a while now so I was very excited to see Jimmy Evans write a book on the end times. I love the end times and how Jimmy Evans makes everything make sense while quoting scripture. This is a book you will want to read it is an exciting time right now.

Florence Goodendorf gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
A great encouragement

Every point is supported with scripture and clearly explained. It is written more for a Christian audience but includes the message of salvation.

There is content about morality that many pastors hesitate to preach or discuss. Overall this book built my faith and encouraged me to press on with obedience to God.

Monica Danko gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
A must read for anyone struggling with the decision to fully commit to Christ, especially those putting it off until "later"!

A wonderfully written book full of comfort for believers and persuasion for unbelievers. It is written at a level all can understand who desire to do so. Maranatha!

Donna Sparks gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
Awesome book! Jimmy Evans simplifies end time theology for the believer and unbeliever. It is a must-read! Don't wait! Get a copy today.

Easy to follow; engaging, wonderful to own it so I can refer back to it
The only thing I didn't like was that it ended!

Lee Murray gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 4 out of 5 stars
I had to stop and think about this review before writing it. I have mixed feelings about the book.

While the bones of the book are solid, and most of the time the Biblical exposition is spot , there are times when that is not the case. When it comes to interpreting current events, I am not nearly as comfortable as the author in his tying these events to end times. Sometimes the application just a little too much for me. I haven’t seen anyone put forth a 6,000-7,000 year time line for history in a very long time. v I would still recommend the book. It’s base is solid. Some of these events are personal interpretation and no one knows for sure when they’re Lord will return.

Gloria.Pagan gave The Tipping Point - The End Is Here 5 out of 5 stars
Great book on Bible prophecy !

This book is a great resource in understanding bible prophecy and how it relates to the times we are living in. It's an easy and quick read. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Bible prophecy!